15.-19. Oktober 2018, Podgorica - Montenegro





After N. I. Veselovskij excavated the splendidly equipped, “kingly” graves in Maykop and Carskaya in the years 1897 and 1898, research gave way to an intensive and ardent examination of the meaning and relevance of finds of this kind for the prehistoric development of Eurasia. Since then ever more such graves from different prehistoric periods have become known.


Six “princely graves” dating to 3000 BCE have been found in the modern-day region of Montenegro alone.  This fostered an international Conference in Podgorica, regarding the oldest group of these tombs from the 4th and 3rd millennium BC, in the area between the Caucasus and the Atlantic.What culture historical and social circumstances can be recognized within this wide transregional area? What traditions, innovations and distinctions in the presentation of power and wealth can be seen from a far-reaching, diachronic perspective?

The conference is organized by the Public Institution Museums and Galleries of Podgorica together with the Eurasian Department of the German Archaeological Institute.



Dr. Radu Bajenaru (Bukarest) Mile Baković (Podgorica), Prof. Dr. Lorenc Bejko (Tirana), Dr. Dirk Brandherm (Belfast), Dr. Giovanni Carboni (Rom), Dr. Horia Ciugudean (Alba Iulia), Cecilia Conati Barbaro (Roma), Dr. János Dani (Debrecen), Dr. Walter Gauß (Athen), Prof. Dr. B. Govedarica (Berlin), Prof. Dr. S. Hansen (Berlin), Prof. Dr. B. Helwing (Sydney), Prof. Dr. Volker Heyd (Helsinki), Prof. Dr. Christian, Jeunesse (Strasbourg), Prof. Dr. E. Kaiser (Berlin), Predrag Lutovac (Berane), Dr Zurab Maharadze (Tiflis), Prof. Dr. Johannes Müller (Kiel), Prof. Dr. Igor Manzura (Kišinev), Dr. Juri Rassamakin (Kiev), PD Dr. Sabine Reinhold (Berlin), Prof. Dr. Marzena Szmyt (Poznan), Dr. Viktor Trifonov, (St. Peterburg), Mag. Mladen Zagaričanin (Bar), Prof. Dr. Thomas Zimmermann (Ankara).


In celebration of this academic gathering, the exhibition “Princely Graves of Montenegro” will be opened in Podgorica. On that occasion the finds and artifacts from all the excavated “Princely Graves” in this area will be for the first time introduced and presented in detail.


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