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Marko Miljanov Museum

Working hours 09 - 16h svakog dana osim ponedjeljkom
Address and location Marka Miljanova 481000 Podgorica Open Google map
Accessibility entrance for wheelchairs

The Museum of Marko Miljanov at Medun is located approximately 12 kilometers northeast of Podgorica, in the area of Kuče. It is a memorial type museum and operates as a separate unit of the Public Institution Museums and Galleries of Podgorica. It is dedicated to Marko Miljanov (1833–1901), a prominent historical figure of the Kuči tribe and Montenegro, a notable hero, humanist, and writer, who held significant positions of his time (as a banneret, senator, and duke), also serving as the governor of Podgorica. He is also credited with founding the Reading Room in 1881. 

The museum is housed in a building previously used for the needs of the Turkish judicial authority, where Marko Miljanov spent his later years from 1878 to 1901. It is where he wrote most of his works. After his death, the house was used for the needs of a primary school until 1971 when it was opened as a memorial museum. Marko Miljanov's birthplace in Medun has not been preserved.  

The first museum exhibition was formed upon the museum's establishment in 1971. The current permanent exhibition was conceived after the renovation of the building damaged in the 1979 earthquake and opened in 1987. It consists of three parts: historical, literary-artistic, and ethnographic. 

The objects displayed in the historical part depict the time in which Marko Miljanov lived and worked, from personal items for everyday use to weapons, with a small number of preserved personal belongings. The literary-artistic part preserves his manuscripts, first editions of his works, and photographs. Here, artistic works related to Medun and Marko Miljanov, such as works by Cvetko Lainović, Aleksandar Prijić, Vuk Radović, Mirko Kujačić, Nikola Vujošević, and others, are presented. The ethnographic part showcases characteristic items from his time, used in Kuče and neighboring tribes – folk costumes of all three confessions, weapons, and everyday items (utensils, eating utensils, etc.).

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The Museum of Marko Miljanov is located in the suburb of Meteon (Medun), in the lower part of the city (an important Illyrian center in the area of the Labeata tribe), formed at the end of the 4th or in the 3rd century BCE. Initially, Meteon was formed on a hill, an Illyrian fortified city on whose remains the medieval fortification of Medun was later built, and then the Ottoman one, with several buildings added at the end of the 18th and in the 19th century as part of the Medun complex. During the Roman rule and the Middle Ages, Medun had a secondary role and mainly military significance. After falling under Turkish rule in 1457, it was mostly used as a military fortress and observation post. It was liberated in 1876.

The latest multidisciplinary research and conservation-conservation works (2007, 2011, 2013, 2015), carried out by the Public Institution Museums and Galleries of Podgorica, confirmed, consolidated, and presented the remains of Illyrian Meteon, the medieval fortress of Medun, and objects from the Ottoman period.